LSE YouthMUN is an annual conference for secondary school students to learn more about current affairs through an intellectual simulation of United Nations Bodies. The conference aims to deepen delegates knowledge of global issues, meet like-minded individuals, learn more about LSE and hone diplomacy and other transferrable skills that will benefit them in their pursuit of future academic and professional aspirations. The Conference is accessible to students with little or no experience of MUN, whilst also providing an introduction to what MUN is like at university level.

Two years ago, we held a very successful conference on the topic of UN Global Issues of Refugees. Mr. Don Flynn, Director of The Migrants' Rights Network delivered the keynote speech on 'Why the Refugee Crisis is actually a crisis of Policy'. Delegates then separated into different committees to discuss issues relating to legal protection, humanitarian aid and the long term economic and social impacts of the refugee crisis.

This year we plan to hold an even better conference. Registration and Conference details will be updated closer to the time.

Secretariat Applications OPEN:

We have 5 positions available:


Responsible for rafting the overall theme and academic direction of the conference. Overseeing the preparation of Background Guides by the Chairs. Disseminating information on the rules of procedures/rules of information to the Chairs


The DG works closely with the SG to assists them in all work, taking on a strong managerial role to create a successful conference. Will be expected to offer advice and support to all members of the secretariat where needed, and to ensure the good reputation of the Conference;

Responsible for:

  1. Booking the rooms for the Conference as early as possible, maintaining good relations with LSE Room Bookings and Security Services;
  2.  Updating the design of YouthMUN materials, such as placards and lanyards;
  3. Logistics, including the ordering and printing of Conference materials, Best Delegate awards, and deciding on materials for the Conference pack
  4.  Filling out the required paperwork for the conference, such as the risk assessment and events declaration form.

DSG for Academics

Responsible for rafting the overall theme and academic direction of the conference. Overseeing the preparation of Background Guides by the Chairs. Disseminating information on the rules of procedures/rules of information to the Chairs.

The very core of YouthMUN is, of course, the delegates, the crisis staff and the crisis directors. Responsible for relations between the secretariat and all these groups, as well as assisting the SG in sorting applications. Responsible for:

  1. Sorting through delegate and delegation applications;
  2. Sorting through crisis staff applications;
  3. Assisting the SG in choosing Crisis Directors for the Conference;
  4. Being the point of reference and coordination for the Crisis Directors, keeping them informed and ensuring they are on top of their responsibilities, assisting them where needed;
  5. Drafting emails in coordination with the USG for Communications to relay information to the above groups;
  6. Organising and relaying the information from feedback sessions throughout the Conference.

The deputy DG should set the Theme + potential topics + first point of contact for chairs (answer questions, help with background guides, ensure they know their topic in and out and ROP)

DSG for Finance

YouthMUN is dedicated to providing best value for money to all of its delegates and seeks to ensure a fair fee for the conference. This person is integral to making sure that all the expected costs of the conference are covered in advance by both the social packs and delegate fees, as well as ensuring that reimbursements are organised and, most importantly, ensuring that the Conference breaks even. Responsible for:

  1. Creating an expected budget well in advance of the conference, taking into consideration expected costs and including room for change;
  2.  Applying for the LSE’s Activities and Development Fund;
  3. Coordinating with the treasurer of the LSE SU UN Society to receive funds and reimburse those who pay;
  4. Advising the SG on the delegate fee, after considering all costs (social, delegate pack - lanyards nametags notebooks), sponsorships;
  5. Arranging payments;
  6. Collecting all fees, delegate and social, before and throughout the Conference;
  7. Advising the entire secretariat on how much can be spent, especially liaising with the DG and USG Socials on this matter.
  8. Liaising for sponsorships. Controlling and keeping record of finances of materials throughout the conference. Deciding on and collecting delegate fees from conference delegates

DSG for Communications and Publicity

This person is at the heart of organising the Conference. This person will be responsible for maintaining good public relations and ensuring swift responses to all enquiries. This person should be in direct contact with schools, Social Media: (FB, instagram, twitter); website; photography Responsible for:

  1. Handling the social media and email accounts of the Conference;
  2.  Sending out information to all delegates and crisis staff as such information is created by the Secretariat, to keep them up-to-date in the lead-up to the conference;
  3. Organising queries according to the secretariat member that has to respond to them (e.g. staff for staffing queries, finance for invoices), and making said secretariat member aware of it;
  4. Responding to queries both on social media and by email where able.
  5. Liaising with schools and marketing the conference to potential delegates. In charge of updating social media, e.g. FB page, our dedicated website page, Twitter, and so forth. Photography on the day