UN Events


Lecture+ is a recent addition to our Careers division, and is a project which aims to augment the public lecture experience in LSE. Inspired by the UN values of promoting diversity in ideas and greater discourse, Lecture+ seeks to enhance audience engagement and provide mechanisms for the speaker to convey messages to the audience more effectively. This is done through a pre-lecture seminar and the addition of interactive elements during the lecture. Finally, there will also be exclusive opportunities provided for students to interact with the speakers outside of the lecture during a post-lecture seminar.

Lecture+ has already kicked off last year with the wonderful Ian Morris on the lecture “Each Age Gets the Bloodshed It Needs: 20,000 Years of Violence (9 February 2016)”. Upcoming Lecture+ projects involve that with Human Rights Professor Connor Gearty this December on his new book – On Fantasy Island. Stay tuned to learn more and ‘plus’ your lecture experience!

Social Events

This is a new component to Events which was introduced in 2015. These consist of socials that allow for productive debate and mingling - without the formality. This year, there will be socials as well as film screenings!

Speaker Events

Speaker events are used to invite specialists and experts in various fields that relate to pressing current issues to come and talk at LSE. They shed light on the nature of current issues and discuss the many facets of potential solutions to such issues.
Speaker events begin with the speaker discussing his/her profession and his/her interaction with a pressing issue. Afterwards there is a question and answer session. Speakers range from professors and lecturers to members of UN-affiliated organisations. 

UN International Days

We'll be commemorating several of the International Days currently observed by the United Nations, such as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Human Rights Day. Please look forward to this under upcoming events.