Our partners


United Nations Association - United Kingdom

UNA-UK is the country’s foremost advocate for UK action at the UN; the UK's leading source of analysis on the UN; and a vibrant grassroots movement of 20,000 people from all walks of life. The LSESU United Nations Society is a local student Society associated of UNA-UK and we often work in close contact with the Association in many projects.

By providing a platform for many UN Speakers and by advocating for UK action at the UN, our Society supports the work of the UNA-UK and promotes an active and constructive UK Foreign Policy.

The Childhood Trust

The Childhood Trust is dedicated to alleviating the impact childhood poverty in London, and they work with grassroots charities to bring this about. The number one Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations is to eradicate poverty in all dimensions by 2030. The LSESU United Nations Society is a proud partner of the Childhood Trust which forms a crucial link between international agreements and the grassroots action that brings about real change.

UNSOC will be co-hosting the London Child Poverty Summit with the Childhood Trust on 17 October 2018. For more info, please click here.

SDSN Youth

We are happy to announce that we are a official Member Organization of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth (SDSN Youth), and as such, look forward to empowering youth globally to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals!

If you are interested in what SDSN Youth does, we encourage you to sign up to the SDSN and SDSN Youth newsletters and to connect with SDSN on Facebook and Twitter in order to keep up with important updates and opportunities.


The British Association of Former United Nations Civil Servants (BAFUNCS) established a partnership with the society last year. A series of intimate discussion sessions were held, with students interacting with former UN civil servants in an informal setting. Each session has a unique theme and focuses on one unique aspect of the UN’s various functions and agencies. 

While continuing with the current concept and format, we aim to develop the ongoing project with BAFUNCS into a more structured series with higher frequency. We aim to facilitate sustained communication between the BAFUNCS members and the participants, and ultimately, offer insights into different routes into the UN.