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UN Career Pathways - BAFUNCS Introductory Panel

If you are interested in learning more about the different career pathways within the United Nations, come along to our Introductory Panel. In association with the British Association of Former United Nations Civil Servants (BAFUNCS), we are honoured to invite 3 esteemed members who are experts in the fields of Humanitarian Affairs, Public Relations and Human Resources at the United Nations.

Location: NAB.2.0

More Information:

**The BAFUNCS Career Series is an ongoing project of LSE SU UN Society, consisting of intimate small-group discussions with former UN professionals from our partner BAFUNCS (The British Association of Former United Nations Civil Servants). 

Due to limited places available on the sessions, and to facilitate registration, surveys, and feedback, a Facebook Group has been created. Click ‘Joining’ so that you don’t miss out on any upcoming sessions: