ProStart Scheme


Dreaming of running your own team for a cause dear to you but lacking the structure, the team and the funds to do so?

In this case, the ProStart Scheme is right for you and would assist you through all stages: recruiting volunteers, planning and executing the event(s). In addition, a small budget would be allocated to your team.

Choose your cause, choose what actions you will undertake and if you fundraise, choose where the money goes. Once you've decided, you won't be alone but surrounded by a supporting team and the LSESU UN Society. 

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NB: Applications are on a rolling basis


Current projects



In 2014, the LSESU United Nations Society introduced the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation initiative. The key aims are:

  1. To raise awareness for street children in Vietnam in a diverse and globally aware society.

  2. To raise funds in support of the Blue Dragon Foundation.

  3. To empower and provide LSE students the opportunity to give back to society.

In December 2014, the initiative held a Human Rights Panel Discussion, with panel speakers including BBC reporter and author, Bill Hayton. Later, in February 2015, it held a Valentine's Day fundraiser which raised over £300.00, supporting saving women from human trafficking. In February 2016, it organised the World Performances Festival, uniting different performing Arts and different nationalities.

Please continue to support the ProStart! 

We are looking for volunteers and for a co-leader
Email: if you are interested!


***Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is a non-governmental organisation supporting children in crisis situations in Vietnam; children’s rights being a significant dimension of human rights, Blue Dragon act as practitioners that we can learn from in the field. It provides several programmes targeted at the development of the child, however old, and therefore provides a wide range of services tailored to the individual’s needs. These include education, nutrition, health care, counselling, rehabilitation from sex trafficking, restoration into family environments, physical and creative activities, rescue, legal advocacy and safe shelter. They have a dedicated team of Vietnamese social workers, psychologists, teachers and lawyers. In the past decade, they have sent over 3,000 kids back to school and training, reunited 230 runaway children with their families, rescued 353 trafficked children, to name but a few of their achievements.***



Key Aim: To HUMANISE the refugee crisis; the role of the media has been powerful with regards to the current situation in Syria, however its major downfall is the focus on statistical figures to formulate this horrific narrative. This project aims to remind us that before they are 'refugees', they are humans, seeking refuge.


  • host fund-raising events to donate to a myriad of UK based charities that support this cause. Such donations will allow for better quality of shelters, provision of sufficient food/water and allow for a smoother acclimation to life in the UK.

  • Educate the London student body on what exactly has been going on in Syria, by holding public seminars, hosting documentary nights and attending workshops at established organizations. The project will not just focus on the crisis on Syria, but will also shed light to the forgotten asylum seekers around the world.

  • Organize a REFUGEE WEEK – the main objective of this project is to organize a week in which education, fundraising events and collaborations with a number of student societies unite to further the cause, to raise awareness and to hopefully be successful and one step closer to achieving this aim.


Kind of activities:

This project will not be partnered with one charity, but will act as a liaison between the student body and a number of various local charity organizations. This will not only allow for more variations throughout the year, it will also market many volunteering opportunities for students who are interested in this cause.

Email: for more information.


Tiger Watch

Tiger Watch is a small NGO based in Rajasthan, India, designed to reinsert a local tribe poaching tigers into society. The NGO aims to provide education for its children, a salary to its women, finding work for its men, and improving its sanitation. They work to finding a place in modern society for the tribe without poaching tigers.

Tiger Watch works on a long term approach. While contributing to Tiger Conservation (their activity has helped to increase the number of tigers in the regional national park from approximately 2 to 65), the NGO is giving all the needed tools to the tribe for a chance to belong.

You can visit their website using this link: