Our 2017-2018 Outreach Division!

Our 2017-2018 Outreach Division!

Welcome to Outreach!

Outreach is dedicated to improving human development through volunteering and campaigning initiatives.

LSE Students can join or kickstart a ProStart Scheme which provides members with the necessary resources to lead their own volunteering project for a cause they are passionate about. Through this experience, they will acquire volunteering skills alongside those of event planning, leadership, coordination, communication and many others.

Outreach also allows to spread awareness about key global issues and celebrate UN international days. LSE students can participate by joining the organising team and/or by offering their help on the day. In addition, Outreach also hosts training sessions in volunteering and discussion panels on different aspects of the charity sector.

Our Committee:
Director: Hazel Ah Teck
Training Officer: Tiffany Lam
Training Officer: Jo Layonu
Awareness Officer: Solomiya Syvyk
Awareness Officer: Sophie Hiscock


 Our Model United Nations Division!

Our Model United Nations Division!

Welcome to #TeamLSE

Team LSE is LSE’s very own competitive Model United Nations (MUN) team that trains and completes year-long at Model United Nations conferences across the United Kingdom and the world. Our team undergoes rigorous weekly training sessions and is recognized as one of the strongest team within the UK and global Model UN circuit, having recently achieved excellent results at conferences including Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN), London International Model United Nations (LIMUN), and Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN).

In this spirit, our MUN division seeks to:

1. Foster the understanding and appreciation of contemporary global issues in an increasingly interdependent and multicultural world,
2. Promote the exchange and diversity of ideas through structured discourse, debate and diplomacy,
3. Engage and develop our members into global citizens capable of embracing the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our Committee:

Directors: Jan-Paul Sandmann & Melvin Kan
Training Officer: Janet Wong
Crisis Officer: Romane Thomas Belikov
Chairing Officer: Ralph Chow
MUN Advisor: Jeria Kua
MUN Officer: Matheus Santos
MUN Officer: Sharif Kazemi
MUN Officer: Bruce Wu
MUN Officer: Floris Leijten


 Our Careers Division!

Our Careers Division!

Welcome to Careers!

Our careers division aims to maximise career opportunities for students passionate about the International Development and International Affairs sector. We break new grounds through reaching out to a diverse array of external organisations and exploring new event formats besides the traditional talks and panels.

We wish to provide students with opportunities to hear from and interact with high-profile speakers and experienced professionals, while expanding into new terrains like embassies, media firms, think tanks and political risk consultancies.

Our Committee:
Director: Antonia Boeckers
Careers Officer: Pia Andres
Careers Officer: Elisabeth Mjaaland
Careers Officer: Kristina Tjuatja
Careers Officer: Tung Vu


 Our Corporate Division!

Our Corporate Division!

Welcome to Corporate!

Our corporate division aims to establish connections with external organisations for potential sponsorship endeavours. These organisations include political risk think tanks, law firms, investment banks, international organisations and local businesses.

Unlike previous years, our Corporate division will also be organising and hosting a series of events for our members - be sure to look out for these!

Our Corporate Division:

Director: Emilie la Cour
Corporate Officer: Abdul Aziz Al-Sibaai
Corporate Officer: Alina Frankenberger
Corporate Officer: Ryhana Ar
Corporate Officer: Angelica Olawepo



 Our LSEMUN Secretariat!

Our LSEMUN Secretariat!

Introducing the LSE MUN 2018 Secretariat!

LSE MUN is the annual crisis-centric Model United Nations conference hosted at LSE from January 26th-28th, 2018

Crisis is a progressive form of MUN which seeks to add elements of realism and responsiveness to the otherwise static MUN format. With a fluid style of discussion and real-time implications to proposals, the crisis format seeks to provide an accessible yet more intense simulation of structured discussion that will appeal to both beginners and veterans alike.

Moreover, Crisis MUN moves away from the traditional bodies of the United Nations to engage in debate and discussions beyond international relations. Each year, LSE MUN focuses on a theme designed to appeal to students of not just International Relations, but also Political Science and History as well. In an international institution famous for the social sciences, we provide a conference (and an education!) for all.

A generous stream of students and crisis veterans from around the World have provided us with both the academic and technical firepower to conduct world class simulations year on year. European Crisis was originally pioneered here in LSE, and we intend to maintain that heritage.

Expect a weekend of diplomacy, national governance, political wrangling, war and - of course - the occasional assassination in our crisis simulations that cater to all from Beginners to Veterans (not to mention amazing socials).

We look forward to seeing you at LSE MUN 2018!

The LSE MUN Secretariat:
Secretary General: Jonathan Lin
Director General: Eric Guo
USG Staff and Delegacy: Alex Selway
USG Finance: John Gordon
USG Socials: Tasha Chia
USG Communications: You Zhen Ang


 Our YouthMUN Secretariat!

Our YouthMUN Secretariat!

Introducing our LSESU Youth MUN Secretariat!

Youth MUN, held on February 2nd-4th, strives to make Model UN a stimulating experience to both new and experienced high-school delegates. Unlike most high school Model UN conferences, Youth MUN mirrors university-level simulations and challenges.

We not only aim to introduce delegates to a new format of debate and diplomacy, but we also hope to aid students with to their transition to university life through optional practice seminars prior and during the conference!

Our YouthMUN Secretariat:
Secretary General: Jeria Kua
Director General (Administration): Mary Tzoannou
Director General (Logistics): Ebla Bøhmer
USG Academics: Natalie Chung
USG Finance: Gergely Korom
USG Communications: Calvin Fang




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