Our Partners

Foreign Policy Magazine

Our corporate division LSE SU UN Society Corporate Division has recently liaised with Foreign Policy Magazine, a US-Based magazine with focus on domestic and international politics, global affairs and current events.

So far, we have been incredibly fortunate to kickstart our partnership by publishing an op-ed in Foreign Policy Guide and hold a essay writing workshop with FP's online executive editor. Stay tuned and look forward to future collaboration with FP!

Our Article in Foreign Policy Guide!

To see the online version, click here: https://fpguide.foreignpolicy.com/article-model-un/

Written by Sam Povey, one of our all-time finest and most seasoned members, we wish to demonstrate how Model UN can cultivate the education and skillset of modern students.

"Model UN encourages the sort of interdisciplinary approach that’s so important for 21st-century learning. Because of its emphasis on collaboration, academic diversity is a natural part of Model UN conferences" (Povey, 2017)

Sam acted as LSE SU UN Society’s Model UN Director between 2014-2015 and Training Officer between 2015-2016. He has sustained his lively involvement with Model UN. If you want to find out more about Sam’s work, please visit his page Decorum Delegates, a extensive guide to UK Model UN conferences. Also be sure to check out Sam's regular columns, his latest one being: http://bestdelegate.com/moderated-caucus-its-time-to-scrap…/

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Keith Arends, FP Director of Education Advertising, for this unique opportunity.

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Essay Writing Workshop with Ben Paulker

At the end of Lent Term, we held a workshop in order to get tips from a leading Foreign Policy Magazine journalist! 

Benjamin Pauker (twitter.com/benpauker) is currently the online Executive Editor at Foreign Policy and has previously worked for the Economist and the Chicago Tribune. we communicated with Mr Pauker via a conference call from the Washington, D.C. editorial office for an open Q&A.

This was the perfect opportunity for students to get some last-minute tips before exams to make your essays stand out!