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Career Paths in the UN - Bafuncs Introductory Panel


This event is an introductory panel with BAFUNCS (the British Association of Former United Nations Civil Servants) to kick start the series of regular discussions to be held throughout the year.

The panel will last for an hour, after which we will break into 3 small discussion groups for you to interact with 1 of the speakers in a more intimate manner.


- Maggie Heraty: Humanitarian Affairs
Maggie has extensive experience working with UNHCR in refugee emergencies acoss Africa, including the aftermath of the Rwanda Genocide. While she served mainly in Africa, she has also been posted to Sri Lanka and Myammar during the displacement crises. After formal retirement, she still carries out regular training for NATO corps prior to their overseas assignments.

- Tina Micklethwait: Public Relations
Tina is an international communications consultant. She created the first regular women’s programs for UN Radio and Visual Services, co-sponsored events with UN and outside partners on film and TV co-productions and publications, ran training programmes in public speaking for senior UN Officials. In 2001, she was appointed Deputy Director of Communications at the ILO.

- Enid Steward-Goffman: HR/translation
Enid started her career in the UN system as a translator but later worked on HR in different UN agencies. She worked 7 years as the Chief Of the Personnel Policies Division in the International Civil Service Commission, followed by 6 years as the Coordinator of HR Policy Development at WHO in Geneva.