Conversations with an Undercover Journalist

  • LSE

For some, it is worth going to great lengths to uncover the important truth. 

The LSESU UN Society is thus honoured to welcome Natasha Bowler and Filippo Brachetti for a discussion on their experiences documenting the controversial revocation of citizenship in Bahrain. As two undercover journalists, Natasha and Filippo managed to obtain a rare insight into Bahrain and document their findings in a 40-minute documentary. 

The event will proceed as follow:
1) We will start first with an introduction by Natasha and Filippo on their work and
2) Proceed to a film screening of their documentary -
Stateless People: An inside look at Bahrain's controversial policy of revoking the citizenships of activists.
3) We will then conclude the event with a discussion with Natasha and Filippo. 

Should you be interested in learning more about the pertinent issue in Bahrain, or gain a rare insight into undercover journalism, we look forward to seeing you at our event!