Become an Officer!

We are recruiting! Become a officer in one of the most diverse Societies on campus! Kickstart new initiatives under the Convenor Scheme, host events with accredited guests and participate in building our society! 

Below you will find a list and job description for all vacant officer positions.


Model United Nations Officer

Careers-Corporate Officer 

Whether you are an experienced, if not obsessive MUNer (like we are), or  a newbie who wants to give Model UN a go, we want you to apply! 

If you are passionate about Model UN and interested in playing a role in Team LSE's success this Academic Year, please join the team as a Model United Nations (MUN) Officer!

In becoming an officer, you are getting assisting us in weekly MUN trainings, chair trainings and conference logistics. You will get to become a part of the leading team of Team LSE, and assist Team LSE's success in the Academic Year to come. 

Visit our MUN website: to learn more!


As a Careers-Corporate Officer your role will entail:

  • Reaching out to external individuals and organizations, maintaining positive working relations with them
  • Planning and organising careers panels/socials/workshops, chairing small group discussions
  • Identifying new opportunities for the division
  • Securing funding and sponsorships from companies and organisations for our society and maintain positive working relationships with them.
  • Working together with the Divisions, President, Vice President and Treasurer to create sponsorship proposals to send to organisations.
  • Attending many careers fairs and breakfast talks hosted by LSE, where you will meet external companies

Outreach Officer (x4)

Social Media Officer

Training officer:
Your role would consist of organising training sessions in volunteering by collaborating with multiple organisations and speakers. We would expect you to come up with ideas of conferences/panels/workshops/etc, organise the event, contact speakers, promote the event and coordinate on the event day. You would report your actions directly to the Outreach Director. A team could be formed if wanted.

Awareness officer:
Your role would consist of organising the fundraising side of the celebration of specific UN international days. We would expect you to organise fundraising activities during the events organised by the Events Division of the UN society. You would therefore represent the Outreach division in the events organised by the society and organise and supervise the fundraising done during those events.
You would have the right to choose which UN days you would like to involve Outreach in and then cooperate with the Events division to determine how Outreach should be involved. Then, you would need to choose the best-suited NGO, find a creative idea for fundraising, organise the fundraising and execute it on the event day.

We are looking for enthusiastic officers who will shape the public image of the society and assist in the provision of our Social Platforms with our Director, Maryline Ebu.

Job Description:

  • Maintenance of our central society website (, our Instagram (lsesuunsoc) and Twitter Page (@UNSOC_LSESU), creation of a Snapchat page
  • Graphic design - Society Logos, Posters and Flyers for upcoming events
  • Photography and tweeting throughout society events
  • Creation and Edit of Videos to increase the profile of the Society
  • Assistance in Branding to increase Corporate profesisonality
  • Liaison with SU media, especially The Beaver and Pulse Radio, to increase the profile of the Society amongst and beyond the LSE Community.