2017-18 Awards

ManMUN 2017: Best Large Delegation

Our Delegation at the ManMUN Social

Our Delegation at the ManMUN Social

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have won two Delegation awards in two days! #TeamLSE

Congratulations to our ManMUN 2017 Delegation for defending our title of "Best Large Delegation"!

We are proud to announce our award winners:

1. Melvin Kan, Best Delegate Award (UNHRC)
2. Theresa Tsz-wai Yung and Sharif Kazemi, Outstanding Delegate Award (UNSC)
3. Floris Leijten, Outstanding Delegate Award (IMF)
4. Solomiya Syvyk, Outstanding Delegate Award (UNDP)
5. Tung Vu, Outstanding Delegate Award (UNDP) 
6. Annette Nguyen - Verbal Commendation (UN Women)
7. Nicole Trovimov - Verbal Commendation (UN Women)
8. Luis David Pozo - Verbal Commendation (IMF)

We would also like to thank our chairs:
1. Janet Wong (UN Women)
2. Christie Deng, UNSC
3. Mock Yi Jun, IMF
4. Stefan Bogensberger, UNDP
5. Natalie Chung, UNDP

Third, we wish recognize the rest of our delegation for their hard work and commitment throughout the entire weekend:
1. Osman Awad (UNHRC), 
2. Malwina Kopytek (UNHRC), 
3. Chris Matthews (Crisis : Taira Clan),
4. You Zhen Ang (Crisis: Minamoto), 
5. Ebla Bøhmer (DISEC), 
6. Regina Lai (DISEC)

Finally, we want to show our gratitude to our Head Delegate Melvin Kan for his incredible efforts, compassion and care for all members in the delegation!


ULMUN 2017: Best Delegation

Our ULMUN Delegation

Our ULMUN Delegation

Congratulations to #TeamLSE for winning Best Delegation at University of London MUN (ULMUN). 
We are pleased to announce our award winners:

1. Nazia Dilnaz - Best Delegate Award (SPECPOL)
2. Richard Sathirathaya - Best Delegate Award (Crisis - The Falklands War)
3. Matheus Santos - Best Delegate Award (DISEC)
4. Bruce Wu - Honorable Mention (SPECPOL)
5. Keith Tay - Verbal Commendation (SPECPOL)
6. Bingxing Liu - Verbal Commendation (SOCHUM)
7. Naufal Yudiana - Verbal Commendation (DISEC)
8. Horatio Lyons - Verbal Commendation (Crisis - The Falklands War)

We would also like to thank all our other delegates for their hard work throughout the conference: Natasha Glendening (ECOSOC), Matthew Coates (ECOSOC), Honor Shelton (DISEC), Clara de Lataillade (Crisis) and Xueijiao Cai (SPECPOL).

We would also like to congratulate the following chairs and members of the secretariat:
1. Alex Selway (DSG Crisis)
2. Theodore Chan (USG Allocations)
3. Benjamin Alford (Chair - ECOSOC)
4. Claire Bonsignori (Chair - ECOSOC)

We also would like to congratulate the whole delegation for winning:
Team LSE - Best Delegation Award

Last but not least, we would like to thank Naufal Yudiana (Head Delegate) for his help throughout the conference!